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negotiation skills

Tony Perzow

Negotiation Expert | Acclaimed Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

A former negotiation trainer at the Karrass Organization and Vice President of negotiation training at Strategic Pricing Associates, Tony’s mission is to help others be insanely successful. His highly engaging workshops shatter the myths and misconceptions that prevent most companies and individuals from negotiating effectively. He blends the 30,000-foot view with in-the-trenches experience and practical…

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Tony has trained top sales executives from these fine organizations

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  • Fernando F. says…

    "The key learnings I got while training with Tony have helped me and keep helping me in my daily professional and personal life. From negotiating my last job change to helping my wife negotiate hers, from dealing with top customers or my own kids, these techniques are the most up-to-date in a ever changing, rapidly-evolving market. One particular technique I started using after my training with Tony is in regard to adapting to a specific psychological profile of a given customer. Also, managing timelines have become more efficient after Tony’s workshop."

    Medical Research Specialist, PFIZER

  • Nikko C. says…

    "Tony’s seminar not only helped me in my business life but in my personal life - I now find negotiating to be enjoyable, in part because of Tony and I strongly recommend him in this regard."

    Manager Commercial & Analysis, CONVERDYN

  • Anibal J. says…

    "Of all the seminars and courses I took after graduating from University, this one was definitely the most effective and enjoyable. Tony has a very charismatic way of presenting the material and he connected with our group of over 30 people in a fantastic way. His knowledge of the material was outstanding and he was able to clearly explain all the concepts while maintaining an engaging atmosphere."

    Strategic Business Development, PRIMALOGIK SOFTWARE

  • Frank H. says…

    "Tony possesses two amazing skills. First, he is an expert negotiator. He understands strategies, interactions and human nature. He knows how to craft a better deal. Second, and more importantly, Mr. Perzow is a natural communicator and teacher. His classes are fun and challenging at the same time. I have personally attended and have several clients who have been through Tony's seminars. We continue to see value. A final word. Tony is my secret weapon when I need to better understand a negotiation. What more can I say?"


  • Stilian N. says…

    "I had the pleasure to participate in one of Tony’s seminars. He is a very gifted presenter, top negotiator and clearly knows his topic. His speaking style is extremely entertaining and motivating. Not only was the seminar great, but the negotiation tools I left with were invaluable. I encourage everybody who desires to become a better negotiator, expert or beginner, to go and train with Tony."

    Business Development Manager, LOCWELD

  • Ruben D. says…

    "Tony Perzow’s training session was very constructive for me. I considered myself not a novice in Negotiations, which is why I signed up for such a compressed training session. But Tony was able to deliver nuances of Negotiation that I never thought of or even considered in the past. His way of demonstrating techniques is such that one never forgets."

    Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, PANASONIC

  • Andrea B. says…

    "Tony is one of my favorite instructors! He is knowledgeable, vivacious and doesn’t take himself too seriously. More importantly he is able to keep your attention for long periods of time. I recently had a need to train my team of production managers and Tony was my first choice, going with anybody else wasn’t even an option."

    Head of Production, RED BULL

  • Brett M. says…

    "Tony Perzow’s negotiation seminar was the best that I have ever taken.  Even exceeds a much longer course in college."

    Film Buyer, STARZ NETWORK

  • Drew P. says…

    "Tony Perzow delivered the most engaging, interesting and memorable presentation of negotiation tactics I’ve experienced."

    Procurement, DAIMLER

  • Shawn D. says…

    "One of the best presentations I’ve attended in the past 23 years!"


Do You Suck At Negotiating?

If you can answer ‘YES’ to three or more of the negotiation symptoms from the list below, then chances are, you do.

  • In a negotiation, when a buyer suggests you lower your price, your reflexive response typically is “where do you need me to be?”
  • You tend to fall victim to the negotiating before you sell  trap
  • You continuously give away freebies without knowing how it affects your gross margin
  • You take negotiating very personally (“I can’t believe they low-balled me, how dare they”)


  • You just don’t like negotiating, it’s rather uncomfortable
  • You say things like “I’ll lower my price to get my foot in the door.”
  • You split the difference
  • You’d rather negotiate through email
  • You can’t name more than three powers sources in a typical negotiating
  • You cave on price quite easily when under a deadline
  • You think the definition of win/win is both parties walking away satisfied
  • You often say dumb things, thereby leaking privileged information that results in the loss of power
  • You’re overly worried about what your customer thinks of you
  • You’re just too nice
  • When a customer mentions your competition, you tend to feel pressure
  • When talking numbers, you typically choose digits that end in zero or five (i.e. 10% discount, $95 per unit, 5% commission, etc.)


The cure to this ravaging DISEASE that substantially impacts commissions, your organization’s operating profit, and your LTR’s can be found in Tony Perzow’s various training solutions. See why top executives from APPLE, RED BULL, and ROLLS ROYCE have trained with him. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization leave less money on the table.

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    Keynotes | Presentations | Workshops

    You Suck At Negotiating! But, You don’t have to

    Negotiating skills come into play in nearly every aspect of your business (and life), from striking partnership deals to inking sales contracts. But doing so effectively is difficult. In this session, you’ll hear from a negotiating expert who has worked with executives from companies such as Apple and Samsung. He will teach you how to prepare for negotiations and avoid the biggest mistakes that can lead you to leave money on the table. You’ll learn in-depth strategies to increase and protect your margin and gain insight into counter-negotiation tactics you can use. You will also discover how to implement these proven tactics to come out on top and leave with a newfound confidence in your negotiating skills that you can utilize in all aspects of your professional (and personal) life.

    • Learn how to avoid discounting by identifying where your leverage exists before you begin bargaining (stop giving in by understanding that you have more power than you think)
    • Learn how to maximize profits by implementing the five most important negotiation tactics known to man (and woman)
    • Learn how to “sell” your point of view and get what you deserve by implementing Aristotle’s Three Pillars of Persuasion (btw, bragging about yourself and your organization doesn’t work)

    Shut Up And Listen! Sales Negotiation Tactics And Strategies Backed By Artificial Intelligence

    Do you talk too much on a typical sales call? How much time do you spend bragging about yourself and your organization when speaking with prospects? What does it mean when you hear your prospect say the word “probably” when discussing potential timelines? How many questions is too many when speaking with a potential customer? Is building rapport that important? Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we sell and negotiate in a major way! In this cutting-edge session, a negotiating expert who has worked with executives from companies such as Apple and Rolls-Royce will present the game-changing discoveries from over 500,000 algorithmically analyzed B2B sales calls.

    • Learn how to implement practical strategies that’ll dramatically improve your listening skills (get you shutting up and not blowing deals)
    • Learn how to employ relationship building strategies that are supported by AI (and not some dude from the 1930’s)
    • Learn how to implement a discovery process that’ll skyrocket your closing ratio without leaving money on the table (no more needless discounting!)

    Aristotle Is My Homeboy! Integrating Personalized Video And Persuasion Science SO YOU WON’T EVEN HAVE TO NEGOTIATE

    By 2019, 80% of the content we consume will be video. Facebook now refers to themselves as a camera company not a social media company. Video is quickly becoming the way we communicate with each other. It’s also becoming the most PERSUASIVE form of communication, yet most sales professionals still heavily rely on email and telephone. In this eye-opening session, a negotiating expert who has worked with executives from companies such as Apple and Red Bull will present a new and innovative approach to selling your solution. An approach that will dramatically increase win rates, drastically cut sales cycles, and significantly differentiate you in a major way. Yes, personalized video is that powerful!

    • Learn how to exploit video analytics to cut your sales cycles in half (the way prospects watch your videos is very telling)
    • Learn how to inject Aristotle’s Three Pillars of Persuasion into the content of your video for maximized effectiveness (increase response rate by 267%)
    • Learn how to implement video retargeting strategies that’ll have you closing while you sleep (integrating Facebook pixels into your sales strategy)

    Would you like to download Tony’s speaker one sheet? PDF here

    Virtual “Zoom Room” Training

    The best way to learn how to negotiate is by DOING it.  Now, with “zoom room” technology, your team can participate in interactive practice negotiations under the watchful eye of Tony Perzow. All this from the comfort of your company’s conference room

    ``Zoom Room`` Curriculum (12-hours)

    • Practice Negotiation # 1 | The One-Off Deal 3-Hour Virtual ``Zoom Room`` Session

      • One-on-one practice negotiation
      • Tony Perzow’s critique of each person’s negotiation
      • How to plan and prepare for a negotiation
      • Intro to tactics and counter-tactics

    • Practice Negotiation # 2 | The Competitive Negotiation 3-Hour Virtual ``Zoom Room`` Session

      • One-on-one practice negotiation
      • Tony Perzow’s critique of each person’s negotiation
      • Advanced negotiation tactics and counter-tactics
      • Persuasion Science

    • Practice Negotiation # 3 | The Collaborative Negotiation 3-Hour Virtual ``Zoom Room`` Session

      • Three-on-three practice negotiation
      • Tony Perzow’s critique of each group negotiation
      • Collaborative negotiation techniques and Strategies
      • Intro to win/win

    • Practice Negotiation # 4 | The Service Negotiation 3-Hour Virtual ``Zoom Room`` Session

      • Two-on-two practice negotiation
      • Tony Perzow’s critique of each team negotiation
      • Creative negotiation strategies and techniques
      • Advanced win/win

    Want more information?  Please download a “ZOOM ROOM” sales sheet  PDF here


    Virtual “Zoom Room” training is best for teams of 6 – 14 attendees.


    Training takes place in your company’s conference or boardroom.  If your conference or boardroom isn’t equipped with “zoom room” technology, don’t worry, we will get you all set up.


    The beauty behind “Zoom Room” training is in its flexibility.  The “zoom room” curriculum consists of 12-hours of live training that are split up into four (3-hour) separate sessions.  These four sessions can be delivered over four days, weeks, or months.  It’s all up to you.


    Up until now, the technology didn’t exist for Tony to conduct interactive practice negotiations virtually.  This luxury was exclusive to organizations who brought Tony in-house to conduct live one or two-day seminars.  Now with “Zoom Room” technology, Tony can facilitate and critique interactive practice negotiations anytime and anywhere without the hefty investment needed to coordinate in-person training logistics.


    • Customization process consisting of in-depth phone interviews and research. No cookie cutter presentations!
    • Post-training LMS gamification quizzes for retention
    • Post-training weekly lessons and assignments including micro-learning videos
    • No death by PowerPoint and lecture heavy content. Tony’s instructional design relies heavily on engagement (video, storytelling, comedic content, group activities, negotiation simulations)
    • Tony facilitates all “Zoom Room” training, your team will not work with an independent contractor who has been trained to teach negotiation content
    • All four “Zoom Room” sessions include negotiation simulations and critiques (no better way to learn how to negotiate than to do it)

    In-House Seminar

    What is the most effective and in-depth training solution for your organization?  It’s bringing Tony Perzow on-site to work with your team. Tony’s acclaimed intensive seminars are highly engaging and interactive.  Complete transformation in Tony’s Three Pillars Of Negotiation is guaranteed.  Your team will be Shutting Up, Listening, and Saying “No”, like never before.

    In-House Curriculum (One/Two Days)

    Customization is king when it comes to negotiation training!  Every organization has their unique challenges when it comes to negotiating with customers. Negotiation strategies that prove to be effective in SaaS might result in money being left on the table in CPG.  In-depth interviews along with extensive research are required to build a curriculum that is made-to-order for your organization.  Below is a partial list containing some of the concepts and strategies that can be used to build your in-house program:

    • SELLING BEFORE YOU NEGOTIATE Learning objectives may include...

      • Implementing a planning and preparation process
      • Applying an AI backed discovery process
      • Executing an ideal talk-to-listen ratio
      • Applying persuasion science techniques

    • COMPETITIVE NEGOTIATION Learning objectives may include...

      • Implementing a process to identify power and leverage sources
      • Executing procurement counter-tactics
      • Executing zero-sum negotiation tactics
      • Implementing a trading strategy as opposed to conceding

    • COLLABORATIVE NEGOTIATION Learning objectives may include...

      • Implementing a process that ensures a climate of agreement
      • Identifying personal character traits that impede negotiation success
      • Applying key strategies that assist in growing the deal (win/win)
      • Implementing strategies when negotiating with difficult personality types

    Want more information?  Please download an IN-HOUSE sales sheet  PDF here


    In-house seminars are best for teams of 12 – 50 attendees.  Larger teams can be accommodated.  Contact us for details.


    Seminars take place in your company’s training facilities.  If more space is required, banquet accommodations at a nearby hotel can be arranged.


    Tony’s intensive seminars are based on your organization’s needs but are generally one or two days in duration.  A typical day would begin at 8:30 AM and adjourn at 5:00 PM with a one-hour lunch and two 15-minute breaks.


    We all negotiate on a daily basis. However, the majority of people – and organizations – have had no formal negotiation training. This paradox has a significant impact on the choices your people make every single day with customers. Tony’s in-house seminars will guide business leaders, teams, individual employees, and the entire organization through a step-by-step process that will open the door to more skillful and clarity driven choices ensuring maximized profits, minimized risk and stronger relationships.


    • Customization process consisting of in-depth phone interviews and research. No cookie cutter presentations
    • Post-seminar LMS gamification quizzes for retention
    • Post-seminar weekly lessons and assignments including micro-learning videos
    • No death by PowerPoint and lecture heavy content. Tony’s instructional design relies heavily on engagement (video, storytelling, comedic content, group activities, negotiation simulations)
    • Tony facilitates all seminars, your team will not work with an independent contractor who has been trained to teach negotiation content
    • All seminars include negotiation simulations and critiques (no better way to learn how to negotiate than to do it)

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    Public Seminars

    how to negotiate?


    Open To The Public | July 13 + 14, 2018 | Santa Monica | Philosophie

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