When it comes to making sales and increasing profits, the last thing on your mind how to get your marketing and sales departments aligned. After all, aren’t the two like-minded departments seeking the same goal: to make sales? As a negotiation keynote speaker and negotiation trainer, I’ve encountered the importance of seeing these two departments thrive side-by-side. In fact, did you know that the word marketing is linked etymologically to the word “buy”? That’s right, we’ve turned marketing into a process we use to promote and sell something when it was originally a process to attract people to buy! Which means marketing and sales are opposites working together to achieve the same goal.

As opposites, it is important for these two departments to work together. One can’t survive without the other. If one department struggles the other department struggles, which can impact your entire business. There is a solution, which I write about in an article for SalesPOP. In the article, I share 4 great tips that I use as a negotiation trainer to get an organization’s sales and marketing departments working together. I’ve even shared a few here to get you started.

The first tip to inter-departmental collaboration is to understand each other’s roles. When your marketing team has a working knowledge of the role of the sales team and vice versa, they approach their jobs with a new perspective. Consider cross-training the departments to create this understanding and mutual respect.

Another key to getting your sales and marketing teams to jive is to help each department articulate the value they bring to the table. Articulating value is a fundamental aspect of sales and something I always teach as a negotiation trainer when working with sales professionals. Not every negotiation subject matter expert will approach the subject of value, but in my years in sales and as a negotiation keynote speaker I’ve come to clearly understand its importance. I mean, if you sell your value well, a lot of negotiation issues should disappear, right? In terms of getting sales and marketing to work together, help them articulate their value, and then swap roles and articulate the value of the other department. Create a role-playing activity where the two departments face-off as buyer and seller attempting to sell their department’s value to the other.  Talk about an impactful negotiation exercise!

These are just a few of the tips I recommend! Read the full article to learn all 4 tips to get your marketing and sales departments working together. You will see a profound impact on your organization if you seek to help your sales and marketing teams to effectively support one another. While marketing is about attracting people to buy and sales is about promoting to sell, the two departments are accomplishing the same ultimate goal for your company and deserve to live together happily ever after.

What are some strategies you have used to align sales and marketing successfully?

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Tony Perzow is a former negotiation trainer at the Karrass Organization and Vice President of negotiation training at Strategic Pricing Associates, his mission is to help others be insanely successful. His highly engaging workshops shatter the myths and misconceptions that prevent most companies and individuals from negotiating effectively.  A polished and engaging presenter, Tony has trained top executives from many of the leading Fortune 500 companies. His upcoming book, You Suck at Negotiating – But You Don’t Have to with a Mindful Negotiation Practice goes beyond the theory of negotiating by providing practical, action-oriented information. Before his career as a negotiation trainer, Tony was a top sales performer, procurement specialist, and entrepreneur. He’s been a buyer and seller of some of the world’s largest closeouts, negotiating with such companies as Walmart, Amazon, and Costco. He’s also been a successful restaurateur, real-estate developer, and award-winning film producer. Tony has trained top executives from such companies as Apple, Red Bull, Samsung, PNC bank, MGM, Starz, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Pepsi, and Waterpik.